3D printing in London

Bronze 3d print

Creating an object of three dimensional proportions is all about the layers and if you think that this is an aspect of printing that’s got no future then you
may well want to think again as these days it’s possible to 3D print in bronze, copper and wood so, imagine the possibilities.


If you’re looking for a 3D printer in London that will not only build you the machinery but will also enable you to submit your plans online then The Workshop 24 is on hand to turn your 2D dreams into tangible 3D reality at a very affordable rate.

The history of 3D printing

Current state of play

Way back in the early 1980’s, 3D printing was just another sci-fi storyline however thanks to legendary inventor Chuck Hall things were about to change.


Whilst using ultra violet light to harden table tops Hall discovered that the more layers he applied via UV the more solid an object became and thus he patented stereolithography and 3D printing, quite literally, began to take shape.


3D printing machines originally used ink jets to create images however, updated technology now uses molten plastic in a method known as fused deposition modelling or FDM for short.


This sort of additive manufacturing technique is now deployed by both hobbyists and businesses alike and if you’re hoping to find out what your sketches or digital dreams look like in the flesh then get in touch with one of the best 3D printers in London, The Workshop 24, and let’s make things happen.

copperFill_web-20-580x387As mentioned, printing in 3D now utilises materials such as bronze, wood and copper, which is fantastic news if you need to create a product that not only looks great but is also built to last.


Not only that but thanks to affordable computer design packages, digital camera software and three dimensional scanners it’s now possible to create printable models in 3D that can be either displayed in 2D on a computer screen or as a computer simulation using flexible 3D graphics.

Benefits of 3D printing



No matter what level you need 3D printing for, the benefits certainly outweigh traditional model building methods and from ship builders and architects to students and hobbyists, the manufacturing of three dimensional images has never been easier as demonstrated in the following benefits:

As you can change your 3D model at the click of a button it’s possible to make slight alterations and tweaks to suit not only you but also a bundle of clients. Imagine being able to offer a customised service where every single product is unique to each individual customer.rom ship builders and architects to students and hobbyists, the manufacturing of three dimensional images has never been easier as demonstrated in the following benefits:

3D printing is now at such a stage that it would be nigh on impossible to recreate some of the images by hand or using traditional industry tools. The visual effects of designs and the complexity of industrial applications are staggering and there’s no better industry than aerospace which exemplifies this sort of minute attention to detail.


Energy efficiency within printing is fast becoming a must have option and no longer is it good practice to simply throw away reams and reams of valuable paper and other varieties of material. 3D printing is as environmentally friendly as they come with minimal wastage and a lighter and stronger design all adding up to an incredibly sustainable and affordable package.

How can I get into 3D printing?

wood_3d_printAll you have to do to create your very own 3D image is get in touch with The Workshop 24 who were the first ever 3D printers in London to use bronze, wood and copper materials. Once you’ve selected the machine, the style and the price that suits your project then let WRKS24 take over and wait for the magic to happen.


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