Laser - Materials

Materials we supply for laser cutting and laser engraving.

As we value our state of the art printing machines so highly we only use materials supplied by

Wrks24 and our trusted material manufacturers.

If you’re looking for something specific then please get in touch on: 0208 274 4644 and we’ll let

you know immediately if it’s in stock within our Kingston upon Thames printing studio. If we don’t

currently have what you’re looking for then let us know exactly which materials you need for your

job or project and we’ll do our utmost to have them available within the next 3 – 5 working days.

Rare material, top quality paper and pretty much anything else (other than PVC*), whatever

materials you need we’ll ensure that we can supply and print to the finest quality finish at the

most affordable printing prices in Kingston upon Thames and London.

*If you’ve ever tried to print on PVC then you’ll know that the smell alone is enough to ensure

you’ll never do it again. We love our staff to be healthy and happy that’s why we leave PVC for our

weekend socials and not for printing purposes.

Below are just a few of the materials that we’re able to offer for all of your laser printing needs

and from coloured acrylic to MDF and card, if you can’t find what you’re after in the list below

then email and we’ll ensure it’s available within the next 3 – 5 working days.

Print materials

From Asia and North America to Europe and the UK, the origin of our print materials is like a trip

around the globe and if you’re looking for top quality paper to compliment your printed work then

make sure you get in touch on: 0208 274 4644.

Alternatively, if you’re in the Kingston upon Thames or London area, why not pop in and check out

our physical paper sample pieces? This is the best way to ensure you’ve discovered the perfect

marriage of material and manuscript and if we don’t stock the specific paper type that you’re after

then don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll ensure it’s available within the next 3 – 5 working


Finding the most suitable paper for your work is essential for giving you and your target audience

the confidence and trust in your project and if you’re looking for some guidance as to what might

be best for you then take a peek at the paper selection listed below or pop in for a visit.

If you would like to visit our studio to search through our paper samples then get in touch by

phone or email: and we’ll be happy to arrange a time when we can show you

around and talk you through our paper types. Find us using the map on our Contact Us page.

Coloured acrylic


Black Acrylic sheet


Blue Acrylic sheet


Brown Acrylic sheet


Green Acrylic sheet


Light Blue Acrylic sheet


Opal Acrylic sheet


Orange Acrylic sheet


Red Acrylic sheet


Violet Acrylic sheet


White Acrylic sheet


Yellow Acrylic sheet


Full color Acrylic sheet

Wood sheet



Paper & Card


Grey board


White mount board