If you’ve got a document, presentation or book that just has to be seen by the right people then getting it bound to a professional level of quality is exactly what you need to do your work justice.


  • Artist or student portfolios
  • Architectural designs
  • Fashion catalogues
  • Business presentations
  • Legal documentation


Whichever field or category your printed documents fall into we can help you create a professional and attractive end product that will give you the WOW factor when it comes to presenting your work.


Our creative team are on hand to customise your cover with bespoke or template designs which always add to the overall look and feel of a project as well as helping you set your stall out before even the first page has been turned.


We’re able to bind documents up to A3 landscape using the methods below and if you’d like to know more about any of our binding or printing processes then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone: 0208 274 4644 or by email:


Perfect binding


This binding process is also referred to as glue or soft binding and is often used for books, brochures or catalogues. Basically, we use professional binding glue to stick single sheets to each other before wrapping a hard cover and spine around the outer layers which enables an easy turn.

with our New industrial perfect binder we are able to bind up to 600 books a day !!


Bolt/Screw binding

This binding process is achieved by punching a number of holes on a chosen side of a document then fastened with bolts depending on the thickness of the document. We advise to leave 20mm extra on the side for the bolts.