The importance of high quality digital printing

Whatever you’re planning on presenting on paper ensuring that you use the highest quality printing processes is vital for creating a positive outcome straight from the word go.


It really doesn’t matter how well written or how creative your message is, if you’re exhibiting your best efforts on low quality material or via an inferior printer then you simply won’t be heard with the same strength as by using a higher quality alternative.


The paper, the ink and the turn around printing time are all key components of what it takes to produce a high quality digital printing experience and if you’re looking for an affordable and dependable printing service in London then make sure you knock on the door of The Workshop 24.

How to ensure quality

It goes without saying that if you’re using a state-of-the-art piece of kit then you’re going to get top quality results and as wrks24 use only the highest standard Xerox machines the results speak for themselves down to the minutest of details.


Images, text and letterheads are all printed to a stunning finish and as the customer service is as legendary as the end result, complete and utter customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Aside from the quality of the production methods, The Workshop 24 also use over 25 different types of paper with speciality papers imported from some of the finest manufacturers in Germany and Italy.


Getting the marriage between paper and print exact is a key element of high quality digital printing and if you’re looking for one of the best and most affordable local printers in Kingston upon Thames then look no further than The Workshop 24.

Three key areas that require high quality digital printing:

Labels and stickers


Creating an image, logo or message that can be applied via a label or a sticker is all about using the best quality tools and material for the job. Hard wearing, easy to read and straight forward to apply are all factors which need to be considered and if you’ve got a label that needs to be seen or a sticker that needs to be read then make sure you do it justice by coming to the professionals.

Booklets and brochures


Content is king no matter what you’re promoting however, if you’re using inferior printing techniques or a shoddy piece of production material then you’re simply not going to convey the correct message. Brochures and booklets should be all about what’s written on the page and the feel of the paper when it’s in your hands which is why high quality digital printing techniques have to be applied if you want to do the job right.

Dissertations and portfolios


Students handing in work for graduation purposes or throughout the academic year will all be well aware of the impact of a high quality finish when it comes to portfolios and printed dissertations or project work. This is an essential ingredient for creating a positive impact before a tutor or lecturer has even turned a page and if you want your work to stand out from the pile then do yourself a favour and come to The Workshop 24 for a 24 hour local printing service that’s guaranteed to get you top marks for presentation.


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